International Investment Company

International Financial company was running set of iniciatives to improve and modernize their back office operations and governance model. Our client was facing requirements of their top management to standardize company‘s financial operation practice across the firm and move all related services inhouse.


  • Standardize company financial operation practice
  • Support accounting standards through EU (local and international – IFRS)
  • Fast implementation and execution of insourcing of accounting services
  • Execution of strategic plan of insourcing of the legacy accounting services


  • Short time to results (in 3 months the system was up and running)
  • Employed best practice to set up the processes (standardization of processes)
  • Specific data migration requirements met (fast sun set of legacy solution driving down overal costs)
  • Agile approach in the service delivery (simple to work with, no disruption to the organization)

Default situation

To standardize company‘s financial operation CFO had very specific requirements: Solution had to fit into their everchanging requirements and organizational structure. It had to ensure great level of compliance and transparency. The implementation had to be fast and it must follow the best practice. It had to keep good balance of benefits and costs in long term.


G@IT in tight cooperation with the client selected SAP S/4HANA solution as a platform to implement new financial management system. Simplified process design, best practice as a standard for functionality deployment. Agressive timelime. Project management done in the agile way to meet client’s way of doing business.


Implementation done in 3 months shortening significantly the market standard of more than 6 months. We would have made it in 2 months if we were not waiting for the HW infrastructure to be in place. Migration of historical data was done in such a smooth way it seems client has had the new solution implemented since the beginning of company operations. All history in.

Recently the system is deployed for use of 4 other client’s entities including one non-profit organization. G@IT is providing ongoing application management services based on service level agreements with the client. Done. As promised.