About us

Good at IT is helping businesses and public sector clients in building modern IT. Simple, agile and cost efficient. Done. Together. Turning data into evolutionary advantage. Now.

That is our value proposition. We know this is not enough. We help you to leapfrog your competition. Accelerating development of your core business competences. Leveraging real value out of your data. It makes the difference. For you. For us. That is what we really mean when we say we are Good at IT.

We are calling ourself a „Senior StartUp“, as we have got vast experience from the biggest global IT enterprises. Yet we are aiming to do the things differently. Client centric. Fast and agile. We are good at it. And this is not any arrogance. Rather attitude and guiding principle. We are going for a job only if we knew we would deliver on our promises.

We love moving forward. Doing new stuff. Create great services for all our clients. We are trying all the time to be on the way from being Good @ IT further. That is also why our internal methodology is called Better@IT. Progress and change are natural parts of our company’s DNA.

Strong partners

We do believe in power of ecosystem built out of our employees, individual contributors and partner companies. Building a successful story based on mutual trust and complementary competences. Together.


Simplified processes

We believe IT environment does not have to be complex. There is a way to simplify it. We are laser focused on smart design and development, simple solutions which work. Solutions which are really supporting you in making the right decisions.

Accelerated development

Typical customer‘s expectations are much higher than organization ability to deliver on them. Ability to adapt to ever changing requirements and leading the change. We are offering accelerated integrated application development cycle leveraging our unique „Better@IT“ methodology.

Lower costs

Complexity in the organization multiplies IT costs. Low hanging fruits to adress cost issuess has been already collected. What to do next while not endangering company‘s ability to grow? Think it through. With us.

We are looking for
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