Government Entity

A central government entity in the Czech Republic was undergoing serious IT modernization project. As for the complexity of the undergoing change, there were challenging requirements to overall project performance including its vendor ecosystem to deliver project on time, scope and budget.


  • Deliver complex modernization project
  • Improve project performance
  • Manage risks


  • Seemless take-over minimizing project delivery risk (delivered on time without impact on overal project schedule)
  • Flexibility in rearranging work packages (improvement of the overal project governance)
  • Adjusting to costs targets (improvement of the overal project performance)

Default situation

An urgent need to restructure subcontracted partners to improve overall project performance arised during delivery of the complex project to central government entity. Client was making decision how to redistribute application workpackages between the partners while meeting their financial and operational metrics and not increasing project delivery risk.


G@IT took over all the parts of applications portfolio to perform application management and operational services and their future development under very demanding SLA requirements.


In the end our teams were able to take over the application development done up to that moment half-way through to finalize it on challenging terms from timing perspective. Great inhouse knowledge of Microsoft .NET and C# technologies made the job done quickly.