Financial Sector Enterprise Client

An enterprise financial sector company based in the Czech Republic was in the process of enhancing overall group governance processes, including business planning and performance consolidation.

Requirements included high level of solution scalability especially in number of reporting intra-company entities, flexibility to cover also international business operations and consolidate all financial figures across the company.


    • Improve governance processes
    • Enhance level of their automation
    • Improve KPI management
    • Bring in simple to use reporting tools


  • Short time to results (first stage up and running in 4 months)
  • Enormous scalability (future growth expectations without additional costs covered)
  • User defined process and reporting (no need of IT technicians to deliver simple changes)
  • Agile approach in the service delivery (simple to work with, no disruption to the organization)

Default situation

An enterprise financial company was in the process of enhancing overall group governance processes in order to improve business planning and KPI management. Supported by G@IT experts, client has developed project concept how to optimize financial management of their daughter companies portfolio while at the same time automate complex intra-company reporting including managerial financial consolidation.


Our team designed the project into small, well manageable chunks of functionalites. Built on opensource technologies. Leveraging power of Angular 2 for enhanced mobile devices users experience. Then analyzed everything in detail piece by piece, developed and deployed.


G@IT delivered a robust and still easily scalable solution with user experience in mind. Recently covering more than 15 client’s organizations. Delivered. As contracted.